In Dr.Stone, something has happened that turns all of civilization to stone, none of the animals except the birds, just the humans. Three thousand seven hundred nineteen years later, a kid named Senku and a kid named Taiju wake up, break out of the stone casings and start to try to save humanity from being stone. These two go through a process of figuring out how to save everyone, and the first person that they wake up (due to lions) is a character named Tsukasa, who is incredibly strong. So strong it becomes a problem. See Tsukasa thinks that they should only revive the “pure of heart and the young.” Senku doesn’t like that idea because everyone deserves to live in his mind.

This is where we make the jump from fiction to real life. See, someone else also thought that all of humanity deserved the opportunity to be saved. Jesus, though, unlike Senku, gives us a choice. We have the option to accept his love and forgiveness for the sin that has made our Spiritual hearts like stones. All we have to do is accept it, and here’s the incredible thing, we don’t have to walk around with it anymore.

Later in the show, they wake up a young lady named Yuzuriha, and they are immediately thrown into a confrontation with Tsukasa. After that event, they realize that Yuzuriha’s toes still hurt her because they’re still stone. She didn’t want to stop the group from getting it handled because she thought it was a minor issue. But what she didn’t realize is that if she had only stopped and said something, that it only take a matter of minutes for her to find true freedom

If you are still struggling with sin even as a believer, it’s just like Yuzuriha’s toes. If you stop and ask for help, healing will be given to you through God’s grace. Going from living a life where you don’t have God’s love to one where you do and want to live righteously can be a process. But Jesus is there for you. He wants you to accept His love and forgiveness and help you work through the things holding you back or causing you pain. Sometimes it’s through prayer that healing takes place, and sometimes it’s having accountability with other believers that you can trust. Overall, there is a way out; you simply have to accept it and start walking in that direction.