The Warrior Maiden by Melanie Dickerson

Melanie Dickerson brings us another great reimagining of the classic tale. This time it's the story of Mulan. Mulan knows that she should marry, cook, and have children rather than wage war. Can she surpass these insurmountable odds, stay alive, save her mother, and keep the secret from the handsome son of a duke?

Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Review

2019 marks a spectacular return for Dragonball fans. With the series renaissance starting back in 2008, none of us knew what to expect going forward. Especially not a whole new series continuing the original manga run! The emergence of Dragonball Super along with Akira Toriyama back at the helm continues to dazzle and delight fans worldwide. What if however, Toriyama took things a step further? What if Toriyama took ideas, concepts, and characters from Dragonball's past and put his interpretation on them? You get the beautiful Dragon Ball Super Broly.

CommTalk 054: Superman Serial 1948… Is it Worth It?

Comm Talk is back and for the next few months, it's gonna be Super! Join us as we take a journey checking out the different renditions of Superman! Today we look at the Superman Serials from 1948!   TimeStamps 0:39 Return from Retro Rewind Podcast. Find out more about our adventures with the crew of … Continue reading CommTalk 054: Superman Serial 1948… Is it Worth It?