Christians at a Comic Con?

Christians going to a convention for Geeks? When you first read that question, some of you may have assumed the Christians at such a convention were your typical street preachers and protesters. You may have pictured individuals screaming “turn or burn” to crowds of geeky congoers. Perhaps you imagine people holding up signs listing various sins with the words  “…shall not inherit the Kingdom of God” at the bottom in old English lettering and fire in the background. You envision people screaming expletives back at these would-be evangelists while making various vile gestures.

His Gifts are Your Strengths by Michael J Manacci

Michael J. Manacci(Writer) Although I had few encounters with Steampunks and their culture during my childhood, it nevertheless fascinated me then and, frankly, it still does. Now proven by hindsight, false illusions the Victorian Age had of a future that never came yet only exists within the realms of our imagination is somewhat nostalgic for … Continue reading His Gifts are Your Strengths by Michael J Manacci

Backlog Golf book Review: Ahsoka

 One year after episode 3, Revenge of the Sith, the Empire is just beginning. An idealist leans on how to handle the magnitude of death, Rebellions, and losing friends. Very much Y.A. fiction, though very well done, Ahsoka does fail in one respect. The author assumes that you have seen the clone wars series as well as Revenge of the Sith.