How Guarding Your Mind Keeps You Safe | Star Wars Ahsoka Devotional

In the latest episode of Disney+'s Star Wars: Ahsoka, Sabine Wren faces the new dark sith lord, Baylan Skoll. In this confrontation he uses his greatest weapon, manipulating the mind of his victims. Why is important for us to guard our minds? How do we guard our minds? Join us as Dallas walks us through this discussion.

Power of Encouragement | Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Devotional

In the 2023 anime “Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War,” Rukia is frozen in fear as she battles to save the Seireitei. But then her brother Byakuya shows up not to finish the enemy off but to strengthen her with words of encouragement that completely change her situation. What about encouragement changes the atmosphere of a person’s life? How can your words of encouragement change the lives of the upcoming generation? Join us as Dallas examines these questions.

How what you do teaches others more than you know | Across the Spider-Verse Devotional

In 2023's "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," Peter Parker shares with Miles Morales how while Miles has learned from him, he also learned from Miles. Why is this intergenerational teaching and learning so important? How is it that the most impactful thing for Peter was the actions of Miles? Join us as Celeste walks us through this conversation.