According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 78% of Americans and 91% of Australians are aware of podcasting. On top of that, nearly 60% of US Consumers listen to podcasts. According to, 82.4% of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours weekly listening to podcasts. At Geek Devotions, we want to reach geeks in every way we can; one straightforward way is through the power of podcasts. With the various podcasts out there, we wanted to create streams that speak hope and life into geek culture. We have done this through the various podcast feeds you see below.

Comm Talk by Geek Devotions

Comm Talk is the official extension of Geek Devotions. Comm Talk was initially designed to be a podcast that allowed us to give a voice to those who maybe weren’t comfortable with cameras but had something special to speak into the Devoted Geek Community. The feed generally contains geeky conversations and ministry updates between our founders Dallas and Celeste. The feed also has monthly segments from various guest hosts. For example, B’s Views and Reviews is a monthly segment where Branson Boykin reviews family-friendly, faith-based comics. Casual Gamers Society is a segment where John Harju and Dave Clements have various discussions about the gaming world. Finally, there’s Primitive Rhythm Machine, where John and various guests discuss Christian Music.

The Bottom Shelf

Traditionally, movies that people love and return to on a regular basis are the films that you place on the top shelf of your video library. But what about the ones on the bottom shelf? This is the shelf where you find terrible films that people regret purchasing and regret watching. But are they really that terrible?

In our podcast, The Bottom Shelf, we are on a mission to discover if these movies truly are that terrible. Our team of armature experts are combing through decades of terrible films ranging from Plan 9 From Outer Space to The Last Air Bender to help you discover what truly belongs on The Bottom Shelf.  Using illogical thinking and a special brand of humor our team will help you to keep you from making a terrible decision to watch terrible movies.

We Read Allegedly

We Read Allegedly is a podcast where Squid, John, and Celeste… allegedly… read books that they personally like and discuss what they liked, what they did not like as well as some of the spiritual applications that we took from the book.

The Gundam Watch

The Gundam Watch is a watch and review podcast focusing on the Mobile Suit Gundam anime franchise. Dallas, a long-time fan of the franchise, and Branson, who has never seen any of the shows before, watch and discuss the various iterations of the Gundam series. On top of that each episode contains a “Maintenance Report” where they discuss aspects of the show in a manner that’s designed to encourage and challenge listeners.