In August of 2016, we uploaded our very first episode of Geek Devotions… The show from a couple of devoted geeks that are devoted to letting people know that they are loved! We started off by uploading new episodes every Friday and then later also on Tuesdays that were designed to encourage and challenge people in the Geek Community, bridging the gap between our faith and our geekdoms.

We strive to be a voice of light in a community that is often shunned and ignored by the church. This past year we expanded into podcasts and partnering with other geeky ministries which have given us the opportunity to reach out and love on hundreds of people locally here in Shreveport, LA, all the way to the UK and Australia! We have received several e-mails and various social media messages from people telling us how they appreciate that we are speaking their language (Geek) and how what we do has encouraged, inspired, and challenged them.

Click the links below to join our amazing Devoted Geek Communities across the web. Specifically our Devoted Geek Life Facebook Group and of course our YouTube Channel.


Devoted Geek Life is our Facebook Group (not to be confused with our actual Facebook page) where we encourage Devoted Geeks to do life together. Talk about things we are geeking out about, encourage each other in the faith, and simply have fun.


The place where it all began! We upload new devotions every Friday at 4pm Central Standard Time. We will also from time to time upload what we call Extra Tuesday here. Extra Tuesdays range from reviews to unboxings, to suggestion, to all kinds of random things!


If you’d like to help support Geek Devotions, consider becoming a Devoted Patreon Geek. There’s a lot that goes into doing what we do, and we can always become better. However, we can’t get better without help from people like you. For as little as $1 a month you can become a Devoted Patreon Geek. Visit to learn more.