God will leave the 99 to come after You – The Little Mermaid Devotional

This week, Celeste springboards off of her podcast appearance on Retro Rewind Podcast where she talked about Disney's The Little Mermaid. The scene where King Triton does everything he could to find his daughter really struck Celeste and reminded her of our Heavenly Father. Did you know that God chases after you?

Best Video Games for November 2018

Hello Devoted Geeks! Our friends over at Geeks Under Grace have taken over for this week's Extra Tuesday to bring you a heads up on what Video Games you should be checking out for November 2018! LJ Lowery (Twitch Streamer, Game Reviewer, and Podcast Producer for Geeks Under Grace) walks us through 3 sections... Games for the Family | Games for Teens and Adults | Personal Pick

CT051: Our Favorite Dystopian Worlds feat. Devoted Patreon Geeks

This week, a couple of our Devoted Patreon Geeks (Cody McGurk of Luphonix - Francisco of Retro Rewind Podcast - Jonathan Gilbert) join us to discuss our favourite Dystopian worlds.   6:30 - Our thoughts on Dredd 13:55 - Our thoughts on Terminator 23:20 - Our thoughts on Firefly 30:33 - Our thoughts on Appleseed … Continue reading CT051: Our Favorite Dystopian Worlds feat. Devoted Patreon Geeks

Love is Necessary – Equilibrium Geek Devotion

Welcome to week 3 of Dystopian Devotionals Month! This week Celeste and Dallas watched Equilibrium. The promise of the movie (world peace is obtained by the suppression of emotions) led Celeste to the following conclusion; we really do need emotions. Specifically, however, we need Love. What does it look like? How do we live it out? Check out today's episode and find out!