Trusting God Over the Lies of the Enemy | Knives Out Devotional

As we continue "Who Dunn It Month" Celeste takes a look the movie, Knives Out. Here the main character finds herself in terrible situation where she is being manipulated into believing she has killed her Boss. With the stress building she struggles to see the truth. In our own lives, we may find ourselves in a terrible situation where the enemy may use our very friends make things worse than they really are. We may find ourselves struggling to trust in the voice of God over our very friends....

Gentle Words Will Change a Life | Enola Holmes Devotional

Welcome to week one of our Who Dunn It Month! This week Dallas takes a look at the series/movie Enola Holmes! Enola is the little known sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Enola is a determined young lady who is every bit as sharp as your big brothers. However, there is a moment in her story where she is confronted with both a harsh word and a gentle one... how do these affect her? How do they affect you? Join us to find out?