Can God Use Me? | Fairy Tale by Stephen King Devotional

Stephen King recently released a new book called Fairy Tale that Celeste has been loving! In the book, however, you find a character who seems to think that he's not really someone who is worthy to be used even when it's clear that he's done some great things. How does Celeste address the question of "Can God Use Me?" Join us to find out!

This is NOT Gundam… This is Doozy Bots

Imagine a world where in 1991, Mobile Suit Gundam was introduced to American audiences in a prime Saturday Morning Cartoon timeslot... Which series could it be? Gundam? Gundam Zeta? Wait! Saturday morning Cartoons... must be Mobile Suit SD Gundam right!.... No instead its's a series called... Doozy Bots... Thankfully this series failed at it's sells pitch... But why? And why on earth would Drew of the Cel Cast recommend it? Let's talk about it in this special bonus episode of The Gundam Watch.