Why Generations Need to Work Together | Zeta Gundam Devotional | Mechmas

This week on Geek Devotions, as we continue through mecha inspired series, Dallas takes a look at an entry in his favorite Mecha franchise... Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam! In this direct sequel to First Gundam, Amuro Ray finds himself having to work with the next generation of Gundam Pilots... Kamille Bidan. Why is it important for generations to work together? What are the benefits? Join us to find out!

Christians Have a Choice to Make | Mortal Engines Devotional | Mechmas

In 2018's Mortal Engines, Heather Shaw (played by Hera Hilmar) had to make a choice. Choose to give up and surrender to a mundane life or chose to truly live. Christians across the globe have a choice they have to make. Choose to shut themselves in and not grow in their faith, or truly live a life surrendered to the Lord.

An Encouragement for Christian Geeks | Netflix’s Wednesday Devotional

This week on Geek Devotions, Celeste takes at something interesting that was said in Netflix's Wednesday. One particular character discusses the awkward place they are in trying to fit into two different worlds. This conversation really struck a chord in Celeste as it highlights the struggle some Christian Geeks deal with.