Gino F. Manacci: A Portrait of Servitude

Michael J ManacciWriter Although it is almost universally accepted all over Christianity, the idea of service seems to exist in one form or another in our faith. Throughout the four gospels, Jesus of Nazareth taught not only the importance of service but also how this very simple yet profound hallmark of our faith can result … Continue reading Gino F. Manacci: A Portrait of Servitude

Discerning Anime – by Twwk of Beneath the Tangles

Many years ago, out of what I felt to be a godly conviction, I gave my roommate my DVD collections of Neon Genesis Evangelion and  Serial Experiments Lain the latter because a specific scene in the series tempted me to sin and the earlier because I felt the show represented God in a poor light. Since that time, I’ve acquired both series once again and have watched them on multiple occasions. Did I change my mind? Had I made a mistake?

Our Hope – Will it Reach them? | Your Lie In April Devotional by Katherine Czerwinski

. The world of Your Lie in April is real and vivid as you watch life happen for these young people. Perhaps, more than most anime that I’ve watched, Your Lie feels authentic. Aside from beautiful visuals and an even more amazing score, Your Lie shows real people in open, honest, and raw ways. While there are many comical breaks to save you from the seriousness of some of the more somber storylines, it handles its topics well.