Danny Andrade
Writer for Geeks Under Grace

God bless everyone! My name is Danny Andrade, and my favorite anime is My Hero Academia(MHA)! Whenever someone asks for an anime recommendation, My Hero Academia is my go-to. When people ask me why, I often tell them it’s an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s also satisfying, and it’s always inspirational. Although the show focuses on a whole bunch of kids with superpowers, it primarily focuses on one kid who is overlooked because he had no powers; That kid is Izuku “Deku” Midoriya. For those of us who have kept up with the anime, we all know that Izuku doesn’t stay overlooked forever. Actually, he becomes the person everyone looks up to, but before that, he was a nobody. He had no quirks, and he had no way of actually becoming a hero, something that he’s always wanted. Then, one day, he meets All Might, his childhood hero, and eventually gets a quirk of his own. Throughout the whole first season, I was in awe of how everything happened. I was hooked! It’s amazing how in just one day, everything can change. 

The series always carries a beautiful representation of hope in hopeless situations. Its optimism has a gentle charm to it. Each hero has realistic goals that are relatable and understandable, and some villains have tragic pasts that are relatable too. I love how the anime never leaves this reality that’s easy for us to relate to. Just as we experience joy, disappointments, and tragedies, they experience it too. Because of the way life is portrayed in the anime, It’s easy to see how God beautifully orchestrates the things that happen in our lives. Throughout the anime, we see how plans don’t always go the way we want them to, we see how our choices affect ourselves and our outcomes, but we also see the purposefulness of the things we go through even if we felt like they were meaningless. 

Almost every article the Lord has provided me for Geeks Under Grace focuses on My Hero Academia. The reason is because the anime is spot on when it comes to the things we face in life. The anime exposes us to fear, loss, despair, joy, and hope. It shows us what it means to be selfless, and it helps us understand what love looks like. God is never mentioned in the anime, but if All Might was considered the symbol of peace, there had to be a standard of peace even he had to abide by; that would be God.

I’m so glad I took the chance to watch My Hero Academia when I first heard about it. I loved Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, One Punch Man, and Demon Slayer, but My Hero Academia has a lot to offer no matter how much of an anime buff you are. If you’re new to anime and you’re curious as to what to watch, watch My Hero Academia. If you want a good story to watch with your family, watch My Hero Academia! If you’re a Christian, or a person curious about Christianity, check out some of the faith-based articles on My Hero Academia and other animes at GeeksUnderGrace.com! Geeks Under Grace is a nonprofit organization that desires to reach a community of geeks who love God, anime, movies, video games, and more. If you’re interested, join our community on Facebook, Geeks Under Grace Community, and join in on our podcasts, twitch streams, and more! Connect with us! We can’t wait to meet you!