As we continue on with Anime April, Dallas takes a look at Netflix’s new anime series; Way of the Househusband. How does this story about a Yakuza turned Househusband help you? Find out today!

How does past life experience affect your world today? In this week’s episode of Geek Devotions, we took a look at Tatsu of The Way of Househusband and explore how his past affects the way he sees the world around him. If you’re new to this anime, Tatsu is a former Yakuza member who fell in love after serving time in jail, walked away from a life of crime, and became a househusband. It’s an exciting series where we see Tatsu filtering everyday life experiences through the lens of his former life as a Yakuza.

At one point in the series, a young man wants Tatsu to teach him how to be a Yakuza, but after observing Tatsu for a time, he comes to a revelation. He realizes how he approaches being a househusband has its roots in how he approached life as a Yakuza. Everything from cleaning, shopping to preparing meals for his bride, Tatsu brings the energy and attention to details that he did as a Yakuza.

Some wonder if their time as a young person has any impact on how they do life later. To discuss this, let’s take a look at the life of King David found in 1 Samuel. In 1 Samuel, we are introduced to David as a young shepherd boy. He was the youngest of his family; by all rights, he was a nobody. He stood in a field protecting sheep and making sure they were fed. Later, however, he was thrust into a position that not many could handle. He had to face a giant to save all of Israel.  While the people tried to arm him with swords and heavy armor, David decided to approach this situation in a familiar manner. As a shepherd, he would arm himself with a staff and a slingshot. He would use that slingshot to take out lions and other creatures who would harm those he was responsible for protecting.

At this moment, David was responsible for protecting all of Israel. 1 Samuel 17 tells us that David put aside the things that were given to him, and he approached Goliath with what he was very familiar to him, a slingshot and stones.  According to the scriptures, it only took one stone to take out Goliath. Behind that stone, however, was years of experience. David went on to live a life of highs and lows. However, with each step along that road, he had to decide what tools of his youth he would use. Some tools were good, and some were not.

Your past has given you a variety of tools. Some are good, and some are not. It’s your choice in what you pick up and how you use it. Life situations that I went through have shaped how I see things and how I approach people, places, and situations.  Sometimes I choose the right tools for those moments; sometimes, I do not; but each choice is mine to make. In your life, you’ll need to decide what tools you’ll pick up as you face what God has before you.