Who can be saved? | Dr. Stone Devotional | Anime April

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VaSXcgEUwE In Dr.Stone, something has happened that turns all of civilization to stone, none of the animals except the birds, just the humans. Three thousand seven hundred nineteen years later, a kid named Senku and a kid named Taiju wake up, break out of the stone casings and start to try to save humanity from … Continue reading Who can be saved? | Dr. Stone Devotional | Anime April

How Christians Should Deal with People with a Troubled Past | Pacific Rim Black Devotional

In life, we may find ourselves in a situation where we have to work with individuals and there are two situations to take place. There are those that you have to work with that maybe have a past that is a little sketchy at the same time perhaps you're the person with a bit of a sketchy past. How do we deal with that and what does that look like? Today on Geek Devotions we're going to talk about that and Pacific Rim Black!

Why You Need God’s Presence – Drunken Master Devotional

It's the start of Kung Fu February where all month long we are taking a look at some epic Kung Fu Movies! This week Celeste is taking a look at the Jackie Chan Classic, Drunken Master! Chan's Master found himself in a place where he could not operate without the source of his abilities. Today Celeste is spring boarding off of this to talk about how we as Christians shouldn't try to operate without the Presence of the Lord.