This week on Geek Devotions, Celeste takes a look at Black Widow Issue 1 (2019) where Natasha (Black Widow) viciously attacks Captain America! Why did she do that? How well does she know Captain America? Why does this even mean that she knows Captain America better than most? Find out today while we also talk about why it’s important for YOU to be sure of how well you know Jesus.

Let’s talk about Black Widows comic, issue #1 from 2019. This comic was a reboot of sorts, mainly because Natasha had been killed, and the Red Room had cloned her and implanted her memories into the clone. This book picks up as Captain America is trying to save the day from a Captain America look alike. Nat is helping him, and she is in the basement handling things. Later he comes down, and she and Cap talk about the Captain America impersonator while trying to diffuse the robot that the bad guys were using for their nefarious plan. It is here that Natasha said something interesting.

“You know, as often as people try to impersonate you, they always get the nose slightly off. They forget that slight bend to the left from a broken nose from when you were a kid. Here let me help you with that.”

It is here that Natasha proceeds to elbow this guy in the nose. Why did she do this? Natasha did this because she knew Captain America well enough to spot even some of the best fakes.

Many people take the scriptures, take them out of context, use them to support their ideals, and manipulate others. There are even those out there who have written paraphrases of scriptures, claimed them as an actual translation, and have added things that aren’t in the original text. We have the responsibility as believers in God to know His word and know His personality to be able to tell the difference between God and His word or not God. In 2nd Timothy 2:18, we are encouraged to study to show ourselves approved, and we see in Matthew 24:24 Jesus warning us that there will be people who teach false things in his name.

Now I know some things are pretty easy to go, “Oh, that idea is crazy.” But what about doctrines or people who are teaching doctrines that have a grain of the truth in them? If you aren’t actively studying scriptures for yourself, then you can be led away without even realizing it’s happening.

One more scripture we want to examine:

I want you to show love,
    not offer sacrifices.
I want you to know me
    more than I want burnt offerings.

Hosea 6:6

In context, God is talking to the people of Israel who were making their usual sacrifices, but there was no true love and obedience to the Lord in their actions. That said, we can apply this verse to this conversation in this manner. Some have made incredible sacrifices in their lives to serve God. They have given up family, time, and people. But God truly desires your love. Part of you earnestly loving the Lord is making the scriptures a priority in your life. Loving the Lord means taking the time to read His words so that you truly know Him.