Can God Use Me? | Fairy Tale by Stephen King Devotional

Stephen King recently released a new book called Fairy Tale that Celeste has been loving! In the book, however, you find a character who seems to think that he's not really someone who is worthy to be used even when it's clear that he's done some great things. How does Celeste address the question of "Can God Use Me?" Join us to find out!

How Does God Use the Language and Tools You Already Have?

Dallas Mora(Co-creator of Geek Devotions) Seven Years ago, Celeste and I sat in line at the very first Geek’d Con in Shreveport, Louisiana. We were excited beyond belief. This would be the very first time we had ever gone to a convention specifically for geeks and nerds. I still remember the awe we experienced we … Continue reading How Does God Use the Language and Tools You Already Have?

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should | A Frankenstein Devotional

One of Celeste's Allstar geekdoms is Sci-Fi! One of the pioneers of modern Science Fiction was Marry Shelley, author of Frankenstein. This 1818 classic presents a fascinating talking point... Does the fact that you can do something mean that you should do it? Join us today as Celeste talks through this question.