Difference Between the Rich Ruler and Zacchaeus feat. Adam of Geeky Guys 4 God OC

As we recover from our Thanksgiving Turkey Coma, our friends from Geeky Guys for God OC step in to bring you this week's devotional. This week they take a look at two particular individuals who had a lot of similarities but responded in very different ways to Jesus. One is the Rich Young Ruler, and the other is Zacchaeus. What makes these two's responses so different?

What’s Your Destiny? – Feat. Cody Armour

Today on Geek Devotions special guest Cody Armour, of The Christian News Show and Geeks Under Grace Podcast, talks Destiny 2 and asks the same question we all asked while play the game... What on earth am I doing?! No real spoilers for Destiny 2 so don't worry about that! To see more of Cody … Continue reading What’s Your Destiny? – Feat. Cody Armour