Why You Need God’s Presence – Drunken Master Devotional

It's the start of Kung Fu February where all month long we are taking a look at some epic Kung Fu Movies! This week Celeste is taking a look at the Jackie Chan Classic, Drunken Master! Chan's Master found himself in a place where he could not operate without the source of his abilities. Today Celeste is spring boarding off of this to talk about how we as Christians shouldn't try to operate without the Presence of the Lord.

What’s Worth Sacrificing Your Walk With God For? | Wonder Woman 84 Devotional

Today we are talking about WW84 and we need to warn you that the devotion is heavily based on the end of the movie so... Here is your spoiler warning. https://youtu.be/sAoaTS5lgGw In the movie we are shown a wishing stone. A stone that will grant any wish but also at a cost. Earlier in the … Continue reading What’s Worth Sacrificing Your Walk With God For? | Wonder Woman 84 Devotional

Time to Empower the Next Generation | Bill and Ted Face the Music Devotional

Welcome to the final week of our '"Most Excellent Month" series where all month long we have been looking at the various adventures of Bill and Ted. This week we take a look at Bill and Ted Face The Music. It's a most excellent movie that talks about something powerful, empowering the next generation while honoring the previous one. Join us today at 4pm as Dallas takes a look at this movie and talks about how your mission life, may be to empower the mission of the next generation.

Countdown to Season 5: How to Discover Who You Are

In leading up to the beginning of season 5 we are doing a countdown of our first episodes from the past 4 seasons, while allowing for Dallas and Celeste to take a break from Friday Devotions to plan for season 5. This week we take a look at the Retro Episode Season 3 Episode 2: “How to Discover Who you Are" Originally Aired August 10th 2018. Now this one is different from all our other countdown to S5 episodes because it was the second episode in season 3. Episode 1 of season 3 was a live stream that went 45 minutes. We did not want to subject you to that again. If you would like to see that devotion you can find it on our Youtube channel Geek Devotions in the Season 3 playlist.