Is Kirby and the Forgotten Land Worth Playing?

I have only played two Kirby games. The first one was a demo on my 3ds of "Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn" and one of the original Kirby games, which I played for ten minutes after we first got Nintendo Online. Both games did not impress me other than being vaguely cute. So going into The Forgotten Lands game, I was unsure what to expect. So let's take this journey together of going through the game Kirby and the Forgotten Lands. 

Redeeming Love The Movie – Is It Worth Watching?

The book “Redeeming Love” has been a favorite among Christian women for as long as I can remember. At the age of fifteen, I was shaken by the love and grace of God expressed in this book. It helped take the story of Hosea, and while it did fictionalize and hype up the romantic aspect of that story, it does so in a manner that, as a young woman, I was able to go, “Wow, that’s how God loves me.” Today we will be talking about Redeeming Love, the movie, and what I, a fan of the book, thought about its screen adaptation

Top Five Favorite Aspects of Animal Crossing 2.0 & Happy Homes Paradise

If you read my previous article about my initial reaction to the DLC's that have taken the cozy gaming world by storm or if you were there on our Twitch channel as I did a blind playthrough, then some of this list should not be a surprise to you. But these new DLC's have me wanting to go to my island more than I probably should. So without much more ado, here are my top five favorite new things