Welcome to the final week of our ‘”Most Excellent Month” series where all month long we have been looking at the various adventures of Bill and Ted. This week we take a look at Bill and Ted Face The Music. It’s a most excellent movie that talks about something powerful, empowering the next generation while honoring the previous one. Join us today at 4pm as Dallas takes a look at this movie and talks about how your mission life, may be to empower the mission of the next generation.

Bill and Ted Face the music is the film in the Bill and Ted Series. This
third film shows the emphasis prophecy of “the great ones” come to
head. However, time is running out. Bill and Ted have yet to find the song that
unites the world. If they don’t discover the song in time, all of time and
space will collapse on itself.

[WARNING: the rest of the devotional will spoil the end of the film]

Bill and Ted go to various points of the future to ask their future selves
to give the song that unites the world. At the same time, Their daughters go
through time to find people to help create the most amazing band of all time to
play with their dads. At the end of the film… the band is there but there’s
no song. This is where the big revelation comes out… Bill and Ted are not the
ones who create the song… it’s their daughters! Are they part of this most
bodacious band? Absolutely, but they aren’t the ones who lead the charge. Enter
the greatest line of the film

Ted: You’re not here to back us up. We’re here to back you up.
Bill: We’re your band.
Billy and Thea: Whoa

Not even going to lie, this scene almost made me cry. Here we see an older
generation who has been on a journey to accomplish a mission that they thought
they had to do, recognize that they were meant to prepare and support the next
generation to do that. This is a huge revelation for anyone. We as humans have
a huge ego. We want to be the ones who are at the center of the big finish.
When you operate for so long with a vision and a plan, it’s hard to pass the
mantle to the next generation.

Take a look at what happens in scriptures. Abram was given a promise that
he’d be the father of a nation. His family would own a vast land and be the
root of salvation for the world. But Abram never saw that vision completed. He
had to pass that honor on to future generations. Look now at Moses. He was on a
mission to lead his people into the promised land. However, he never got to
step into the promised land. Instead, he had to pass that onto Joshua. Easily
Moses and Abram could have fought the idea of passion leadership off. They
could have yelled and screamed and even put down the next generation. But
instead, at the right time, they passed it off to the next generation.

Look back at the film. Billy and Thea both believed in the overall mission.
They both loved, honored, and supported their fathers. At no point did they
assume that they needed to take over. In fact, it wasn’t until their fathers
realized the talent, skill, and purpose in their lives that the girls begin to
truly walk in it. Once they realized they had the backing of their fathers,
they begin to step into something great.

We want to encourage you dear reader in this. Examine your life. Is there a
life mission that you’ve yet to complete? Ask yourself this, is it possible
that your life mission is actually to prepare and raise up someone else who
will accomplish that goal before you? No, they won’t be able to do it just like
you. It may look a bit different, sound a bit different, and work just a bit
different than you had always imagined it, but it will still be the work of the
Lord. All that stands in the way is you taking the time to recognize those in
the next generation and saying, “You’re not here to back me up, I’m here
to back you up.”

At the same time, I want to encourage the next generation. Be like Billy and
Thea. Humbly support the older generation. Encourage them, believe in them,
work hard to serve the greater mission that God has before them and you. In
time, God will honor your humility and put you in the exact place you need to
be so that you too can walk in greatness.