Why Generations Alpha and Z need YOU | The Creator Devotional

In the 2023 sci-fi film, The Creator, Joshua (played by John David Washington) has to help a young AI named Alphie (played by Madeleine Yuna Voyles) accomplish her ultimate destiny well before her projected time. Today on Geek Devotions, Dallas is talking about why the younger generations need the older generation today. https://youtu.be/24crr1tSCas Check out … Continue reading Why Generations Alpha and Z need YOU | The Creator Devotional

Why Generations Need to Work Together | Zeta Gundam Devotional | Mechmas

This week on Geek Devotions, as we continue through mecha inspired series, Dallas takes a look at an entry in his favorite Mecha franchise... Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam! In this direct sequel to First Gundam, Amuro Ray finds himself having to work with the next generation of Gundam Pilots... Kamille Bidan. Why is it important for generations to work together? What are the benefits? Join us to find out!

Time to Empower the Next Generation | Bill and Ted Face the Music Devotional

Welcome to the final week of our '"Most Excellent Month" series where all month long we have been looking at the various adventures of Bill and Ted. This week we take a look at Bill and Ted Face The Music. It's a most excellent movie that talks about something powerful, empowering the next generation while honoring the previous one. Join us today at 4pm as Dallas takes a look at this movie and talks about how your mission life, may be to empower the mission of the next generation.