Strange Need for Discipleship | Dr. Strange Devotional feat. The Rushmore Show

Today on Geek Devotions Celeste takes a look at Marvel's "The Strange Academy" and talks about the need for discipleship! This is a special episode as it is a segment from a recent episode of  The Rushmore Show  where Celeste and Dallas had the opportunity to talk about their top 4 favorite Marvel Characters.

Owning Your Legacy: A Black Panther Devotion

Michael J. Manacci(Writer) Speaking from a place of total honesty, my first exposure to his majesty, the king of Wakanda, was the 2018 blockbuster starring the late Chadwick Boseman. Growing up, my taste in comics was more in tune with DC than Marvel, so as one could imagine, I wasn't familiar with Marvel's heroes or, … Continue reading Owning Your Legacy: A Black Panther Devotion