Today we’re going to be talking about the newest CW/DC Universe show Star Girl. Star girl is one of those hero’s not a lot of people know about so it’s intriguing to me she is one that they picked for her own show.
Now before we get into the spoiler territory we wanted to let you know … There will be spoilers for the first episode.

In the first episode you see Star man and Stripesy attempting to defeat a group of villains after quickly introing some pretty well known villains as well as hero’s if you’ve read the comics. . The villains ultimately defeat what you realize is the JLA(Justice League of America. And you see Star Man pass of the cosmic staff( which seems to be as temperamental as Dr. Strange’s Cape) to Stripesy and tell him to find someone who is worthy of wielding it. Jump forward roughly 10 years and you see that Stripesy or Pay has gotten married to a lady who has a daughter. They move from Cali to Middle of nowhere Nebraska and Courtney the daughter is not happy about it. She misses her friends. She’s lonely in this new place. All throughout the episode you see that she is just… Lonely. She does things that make you go… Really kid? But she’s a sad, and lonely and that fuels her actions.

As human beings we were created to have fellowship. We were created to see people, love people, interact with people. And if we are forced into situations where we can’t be with the people we normally are around then it can make us lonely. Friends this is not new. God knew that you would be lonely at some points. He knew that things were going to happen and make it hard on us to see those we love… Such as the pandemic, or a move, or work or insert issue here. And as a result of him realizing that we would eventually feel lonely he added to the scriptures verses to help us make it through this time frame.

Psalm 139:5‭-‬8 ESV

Even when we are feeling lonely, sad, or depressed God is with us. He’s there for us to talk to, to rant to, or to cry to. He’s there you just have to acknowledge him. David was a great example of how even if you feel like junk God is there for you. The Psalms are full of ups and downs. God I’m terrible how can you love me? Lord your glorious and you created me. Up and down. And these words were included in scriptures so that you could cling to them during difficult times. Maybe you haven’t moved, and you have access to all your friends. Maybe you feel lonely with them because they haven’t been through the things you’ve been through. Maybe your lonely because your dealing with a situation that is hard … And no one understands what’s really going on. God is still there… And he still understands.Question of the week

Who is your favorite hero that isn’t well known?