The Changling’s Daughter Audio book

Author: R.Chris Reeder
Narrator: Timothy Burke
Published: August 21, 2019
Genre: Audiobook, Fantasy




This story contains positive themes such as friendship, family and that just because you were born a certain way does not mean you have to choose that way of life.


There is a level of what I call “Fantasy Violence”. The “Hero of the story chases Bryn around with a sword threatening to kill her. The villian of the book threatens the lives of children. Far less than what you see in J.R.R.Tolkien.

Spiritual Content

There is no mention of God one way or the other but this is a world where goblins, fairies, and such creatures exists. Many of the themes could be used to prompt discussion or thought.


There is a bit of foul language that you may not want to let kids who are young enough to repeat everything you might want to stick to the non-audio version of this story so you can edit those words.


The Changling’s Daughter is a delightful re-telling of a classic quest tale. The spin is that Bryn is unhappy with the lot in life that Goblins, which she just found out she was apart of this race, are in fact the bad guys. Bryn speaks in a relatable fashion as much as anyone who just found out that they are not in fact a regular teenage girl but a goblin.
The mystery of finding out what Bryn is (even though you kind of suspect) is intriguing and the author does a great job of walking you through this process with Bryn. This part of the story line works to introduce the listeners to the oddities of this other world of which we know nothing.

Timothy Burkes voice at first put me off just a bit, due to the fact he was voicing a young female, but his voice after my initial qualms held the emotions and intonations needed for this story. By the end of chapter 2 you cease to hear Mr.Burke and you hear and love Bryn. All the voices of All the characters were done in such a way that you forget you are listening to one person speaking a story but you are transported to the world where this story is real.


I recommend this audio book to anyone with kids old enough to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Also I look forward to reading to more books by R. Chris Reeder and listening to the future and past works of Timothy Burke.
We here at Geek Devotions give the Changling’s Daughter 4.5 stars out of 5. The only thing holding it back would be the minimal language which while never excessive is a bit off putting to some.

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