This week on Geek Devotions, we wrap up our Women of Geekdom Month a little different. Dallas steps in and brings a man’s perspective to Women of Geekdom Month. How do we balance individuality and humility? How does the role of a gentleman play into things? Find out today!

Throughout the history of Wonder Woman, everyone’s favorite lasso wielding princess has been a symbol for hope and independence for women. Beyond that she’s always carried a message of bringing everyone together. We even see this in 2017 movie, “Wonder Woman.” (If you haven’t seen the film yet click the Amazon Affiliate link to the right to get it on Amazon!)

Wonder Woman 2017 MovieIn this edition of the franchise, Princess Diana is abruptly introduced into the world. Throughout the film you see iconic moments of her questioning and stepping outside of the status quo. Who could forget that awesome scene where she saves Steve Rogers in the street alley? But what make her interesting is that she’s a character who grows. Towards the end of the movie she gets to the point where she realizes that she needs the help of Steve and his men. She needs others in her life. She needs….


All month long we’ve been celebrating women! Women are strong individuals and can do all kinds of amazing things. Like DC’s Wonder Woman, they can do anything they want to, but at the same time, they shouldn’t have to.

One of the greatest lies in culture today is that nobody needs anybody at all.

Don’t get us wrong. If you’re a woman, you can do anything and everything. If you are a man, you can do anything and everything. But we weren’t created to function that way. We were created to live with and work with others. The problem is that many people have taken this and exploited it.

They have built a system of superiority. There are those who act like they are the superior gender, race, social class. Due to this mindset they put others down and take advantage of people.  The trash talk, the hate, the jealousy, the fear, the anger… all of it has created a toxic environment. This is beyond men vs women, black vs white, poor vs rich.  What’s crazy is that in certain situations you’ve seen those who were once part of a victimized grouping become as bad as those who were originally the victimizing.

So where do we go from here?

 Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”
-Philippians 2:3-4

(Click here if you want to read all of Philippians 2 in context)

In scriptures we are challenged to look at everyone around us and consider them more significant than ourselves. Men, look at women as more than significant than yourself. Women, look at men as more than significant than yourself. Sub-grouping look at other sub-group as more than significant than yourself. We could go on for days naming specific groups; point is we need to look after each other. We need to look at those around us and ask “How can I best serve them.”

This wasn’t said in our episode, but this doesn’t mean that we sacrifice every minuet detail of our lives to the point that we have nothing or are nothing. We can’t give away our best if we aren’t at our best. But it does mean that we need to get out of our social norms of “Me first” and think of others around us.

Since this is Women of Geekdom month and this episode is more of a man’s perspective on the subject let us speak to the men for a moment…

To the Men

Guys, we need to step up our game as far as being a classical gentleman. We need to be better at looking out for the women around us. Not just those that we are caking on (sweet talking) but everyone. We need to be honoring and respecting all women: Mothers, sisters, friends, girlfriend, your wife. Whoever it is, we need to step up.

Reality is that we don’t see good examples of that in the world very often.  Generally in media we only see this kind of thing happening with characters who are trying to become romantically involved with others. Which is great to see that kind of thing, but being a gentleman isn’t about being romantic, it’s about caring for people. One of the many aspects that have caused mistrust between women and men is that some men have not honored and respected women.

What’s a great example of honor and respect? Check out the story of Ruth in the Bible. In chapter 2 of Ruth Boaz isn’t looking to get with Ruth, but he sees a woman who needs help, so he goes out of his way to take care of her and her mother. Then in chapter 3 when she’s asking him to marry her he does something else to honor her.

She put herself in a compromising situation, not that she was trying to do anything inappropriate but it could look really bad from the outside. What does Boaz do? He goes out of his way to make sure she doesn’t look like a woman with low morals. He goes out of his way to protect the honor and purity of this woman.

It’s time for men to step out and do the same thing. If you are a man who does right, then step up and start teaching these young men. Teach them to serve, them to honor, teach them to protect. Teach them by doing.

To the Ladies

Ladies, we need you to help us men do that. We also need your help to protect our honor and purity. Help us to not just act like gentleman but actually be gentlemen. This world that God has created requires us to work together.

I (Dallas) want to personally apologize on behalf of myself and any other man who has ever mistreated you, dishonored you, and used you. It’s not right. We as men should do better.

Yes you can do anything and everything, but you shouldn’t have to. There should be men in your life to help you in certain ways, allow men to do so. Please don’t be rude towards men who don’t, but instead lovingly teach them.



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