Is Marvel’s Black Widow Worth Watching?

fans have been waiting for a Black Widow Movie. Natalia Alianovna (Natasha) Romanova has been the level-headed, seductive, strong, and independent assassin-spy of the avengers since before the Avengers formally came together.  Every MCU film has dropped hints of her origin and insight into who she is as an individual, but none were ever focused on her. Finally, however, in July of 2021, we have a film that does just that, but is it worth watching?

101: A Review of Angels Unaware by Lee Weeks | BVR

Welcome to B’s Views and Reviews, the podcast that promotes faith-based, family friendly comics and the creators that make them, brought to you by Geek Devotions, a show by devoted geeks devoted to letting you know that you are loved.  This week we’ll be talking about a mainstream comic book, the series Daredevil: Dark Nights.  We’re going to be looking at the very first story arc of this series, “Angels Unaware.”

Father’s Day Thoughts from October Sky

Michael Joesph ManacciWriter Going as far back as the writings of the ancient Mesopotamians, the struggles between Father and son are well documented within literature. Having existed almost all of humanity’s existence, these struggles are one of the most human experiences that is universally relatable. Throughout the mythologies of the countless cultures of the earth, … Continue reading Father’s Day Thoughts from October Sky