Today on Extra Tuesday we play some Tetris and talk about some really cool stuff!

The tournament will be held February 18th, 2018 until February 22nd. To participate you must do the following…

1. Be a member of Devoted Geek Life. If you’re not a member of our Facebook Community, Devoted Geek Life, then join today! Click the following link to get there! Make sure to answer the 3 questions that are asked of you before you join.

2. Sign up for an account at and then search for Geek Devotions there and become our friend!

3. All week long you will play the 1989 Version of Tetris.
On February 22nd at 7:30am Central Standard time We will open thread for you to post your highest score. You will have until 5:30pm Central Standard Time to post your score. We will announce the winner in the following episode of Geek Devotions.

Please note that if you are under 18 you need to ask your parents for permission to compete. Also please note that Facebook, YouTube, and Tetris Friends are not sponsoring any part of this tournament.

For more information please contact us at


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