This week on Geek Devotions we talk about the anxiety of waiting for the perfect piece in Tetris to fall into the Perfect place and how it relates to us waiting on God to bring the right piece in our lives at the right time. See full show notes below for a summary of this episode.

Question of the Day: Tell us the story of a time you were waiting for God’s provision and you were amazed when it came at the right time.

Why Do People Love Tetris?

The thing that makes Tetris fascinating is the ever changing game play. The more often you get rid of lines the faster the game play becomes. The pieces are truly randomized so you have to work with what’s given to you. That said most people come at it with some form of strategy. The typical strategy is to try and create a specific zone where the straight Tetris piece can slide in perfectly and take out 4 rows at one time.

The rush of trying to get things in place can be nerve racking, especially as the games speeds up.  You are moving things left and right trying to keep that one zone ready and clear. When suddenly… the right piece comes at the right time… and there’s that sweet reward of having accomplished something awesome… but it doesn’t stop. There are more pieces coming and you have to keep moving.

Your Life Is One Long Tetris Game

As you go through life you have to arrange things in certain order to accomplish certain goals. When we are trying to accomplish the things God has given us, then we have an advantage.  If He’s give you a promise then you just need to do all you can to prepare but trust that He will give you the right piece at the right time.

In this episode Dallas told the story of Abraham being told by God to sacrifice his son. If you haven’t yet, read Genesis 18 and you’ll see that this was a big deal. Not only is God telling Abraham to sacrifice his son, but he’s asking him to sacrifice a son that was promised under very special circumstances. That said Abraham’s response to this command was interesting.

As you read Genesis 22, Abraham simply places his trust in the Lord. He knows his son Issac was promised to him and Sarah. He knows that God has called them to do some great things. So as they climb the mountain and Isaac asks “where’s the offering.” His response is simple….

Abraham said, “God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.” So they went both of them together.
Genesis 22:8

In this episode Dallas paraphrased it by saying….

Don’t worry son, God will provide the right piece at the right time.

And that’s what happened! Abraham prepared for the sacrifice, he did as he was told trusting in God. And then the right piece came in a the right time. But things didn’t stop there. From that point on Abraham had more challenges, he had position himself and his family over and over again to prepare for God’s perfect pieces to fall into place to accomplish all kinds of things.

Previous Cleared Lines

One the major pieces that fell at the right time was Jesus. Jesus’ coming to Earth, living as a human, living a sinless life, taking OUR punishment for OUR sins, then after being dead for 3 days and rose from the grave again is the ultimate line clearing piece. His sacrifice was a direct mirror of the ram stuck in the bushes for Abraham and Isaac.

We were mean to die, we were meant to be struck down by the father. But the right piece came at the right time and took our place.Craziest part is that we didn’t even deserve and there’s no way we could had accomplish it on our own.

For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.
Romans 5:6

Once this was done, the opportunity has been opened up for you to be forgiven of your sins and be made part of God’s family for ever. Simply put all you have to do is admit to God that you have sinned. Repent (Walk away  from)  of the lifestyle of sinning.  Put your Trust in Jesus and you will be saved.

The Blocks Don’t Stop Falling

The reality is that life doesn’t stop right after you get saved. Thing still happen and God keeps moving. There are things that God has given you to accomplish in life. There aspects of life that simply happen. We need to trust in the Lord continually. Prepare for each thing in life but have faith that He’ll provide what we need when we need it.

Note that God provides what we need, not what we want. It’s easy to confuse the two but there is a difference between necessities and luxuries.  Trust in God, let Him drop the right pieces at the right time. But keep in mind, those pieces may not be what you expect.



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