As we continue “Red White and Geek” Month, Celeste takes a look at 2011’s “Captain America – First Avenger.” In this Chris Evans film, Steve Rogers finds himself in a hard place. He’s made it to the front lines of the war, a place he knows he’s meant to be; but the journey was very different from others who served in the Military. What’s the danger in comparing ourselves to others? Is it ok to do? Join us today as Celeste tries to bring some clarity to these questions.

Written Devotional

In 2011’s “Captain America: The First Avenger,” we see the origin of one of the most iconic of American heroes; Captain America. While suffering some humiliation at a USO show at the front lines Steve Rogers (Captain America, has a conversation with Peggy Carter that Ultimately leads to Steve deciding to do what he was created to do; go and save people’s lives. She says that just because the journey did not look how he thought it should have looked doesn’t mean that he didn’t end up where he needed to be. His issue was that he was comparing his journey to everyone else he saw at the front¬†

The Captain’s frustration with the journey is interesting in that it reminds us of the frustrations of Paul, the Apostle. He traveled all over the continents but couldn’t go where he wanted to. Something Luke records in the book of Acts. Yet, in his frustration, he understood that the journey he was taking was the one given to him by God.

Sometimes our walk with Christ does not look like we think it should. We can sometimes find ourselves comparing ourselves to others who seem to be “doing better.” but we don’t see all the struggles they are dealing with, all the issues, all the failures. We don’t see where they were five years ago and the walls they had to climb. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others as Christians, but our encouragement for you today is that while you may not be where you want to be, you should continue to put your trust in Jesus. The journey is a large portion of your development.

Philippians 2:12-13 talks about working out you’re own salvation. By comparing our walks with Christ to others, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and those we are comparing ourselves to. God has created us all unique; as a result, we all have different things that will happen in our lives. Now let me clarify something quick: looking at someone who has more experience than you, whom you admire is not the same as comparing yourself to others. Comparison is what will crush you in the end.¬†