Gino F. Manacci: A Portrait of Servitude

Michael J ManacciWriter Although it is almost universally accepted all over Christianity, the idea of service seems to exist in one form or another in our faith. Throughout the four gospels, Jesus of Nazareth taught not only the importance of service but also how this very simple yet profound hallmark of our faith can result … Continue reading Gino F. Manacci: A Portrait of Servitude

Fighting for Your Faith | Interceptor Devotional

As Red White and Geek month continues, Celeste takes a look at the Chris Hemsworth produced, Netflix original film, "Interceptor." In the film J.J. Collins (played by Elas Pataky) is faced with tragedy and the potential for even more tragedy. In her mind are the words of her father, "Keep on Fighting." Join us today as Celeste looks at these words and why YOU should continue to fight for your faith.