As Red White and Geek month continues, Celeste takes a look at the Chris Hemsworth produced, Netflix original film, “Interceptor.” In the film J.J. Collins (played by Elas Pataky) is faced with tragedy and the potential for even more tragedy. In her mind are the words of her father, “Keep on Fighting.” Join us today as Celeste looks at these words and why YOU should continue to fight for your faith.

Written Devotion

In the movie Interceptor, we meet a young woman who was the daughter of a veteran and served in the military herself. She is stationed on a floating base known as the interceptor, the idea being that this particular one, if Russia were ever to decide to launch nuclear weapons at us we have plans to intercept, thereby protecting the American people. Throughout the movie, there is an overall theme, a phrase that her father had installed in her, Keep On Fighting. Today on Geek Devotions, we will be talking about someone else who could have used the phrase Keep On Fighting, Paul. 

Recently we watched Netflix’s “Interceptor,” which was a pretty good action movie, though I would not recommend it to kids. However, the theme of Keep on Fighting was a pretty prevalent one throughout the entirety of the film. This reoccurring theme honestly made me think of Paul.

In 2nd Timothy, we see that Paul is not in great space. See, he finally made it to Rome, and we believe that this is the 2nd time he was imprisoned, and things are not going well for him. He believes that he is about to die, and these are the things he needs to tell Timothy. 

In 2nd Timothy 4:7, Paul says this: 

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

2 Timothy 4:7 (English Standard Version | ESV)

While Paul never says these words specifically, we see with his life that he “keeps on fighting.” As modern-day Christians, we are surrounded by a world where it would be easier if we were to give up on our faith or even just do things that we know to be in that grey area, even if we have felt a conviction about it.

Giving up is the easy route, and honestly, sometimes, no one would blame you for giving up. But amid adversity, Jesus, Paul, and so many others of our faith’s predecessors kept on fighting the “good fight” they held to faith for us. Do not think I’m suggesting that you go out and do ANYTHING violent or break the law, but there is an internal fight, a spiritual and mental fight, to hold to your faith even when it’s unpopular. So your encouragement today is to Keep On Fighting.