Celeste Mora

Spy x Family is a manga from 2017 that has released its first episode of the anime by the same name. Having not read the manga, I can tell you I was not prepared for the ADORABLENESS that is this anime. I find myself wanting to binge more of it; sadly, though, I must wait. 


Twilight is the main character in this story, in the respect that it is his voice that is mainly narrating. We see things from his viewpoint more often than not, and he is the classic, detached spy character. He does what he does for good reasons, but his emotions are irrelevant to the mission. 

Anya is the child whom Twilight adopts to complete a mission. I am convinced she was put there to make your heart melt. She is what the internet refers to as “a cinnamon roll.” She captivates your heart instantly because she is someone with whom we can relate. As distant and foreign as Twilight is, Anya strikes a chord in the heart of those who have been rejected and just want love. She provides the wholesome aspect to the show in that she wants the approval and love of her father figure, and the fact that she is telepathic means that she can understand what Twilight is not saying. 


The overall plot of a spy having to obtain a family to complete a mission is probably not new, but it is still fascinating. The idea that they need to jump through all these hoops, such as having a child and finding a mom to present a united front, is a lot of fun to watch and has the potential to have a lot of funny blunders. You also have the plot of Anya being a telepath, which adds to the overall story. My only complaint is how easy it was in the first episode for Twilight to adopt Anya. For context, I am the sibling of two adopted children. Also, as a teenager, I was adopted by the man I now get to call my father. So I can assure you it is not as easy as walking in and walking out with the child. Children are not like puppies; you can not just walk into an orphanage and walk out with a child that suits your needs. That is a topic for a different article, though. 

Overall Thoughts:

As far as first episodes go, this one is stellar. It pulls you into the storyline, pulls your heartstrings, and literally makes you laugh out loud and leaves you wanting more. I foresee potential tear fests from this anime simply because of how attached I am to Anya. While I am typical of the stance of avoiding sad animes at all costs, this one has enough intrigue to make me want to know more. So, I am counting down the days till we get episode two and will be hunting for the manga.