Welcome to week 2 of our Most Excellent Month! This week Celeste is taking a look at Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey and talks about a truth that is hard for many to take… What you want isn’t always what you actually need. How do we handle that reality? Join us as Celeste unpacks this truth.

This last week we watched Bill and Ted’s bogus journey and I have to say, I officially like it better than excellent adventure. Though I have to admit, having bill and Ted die within the first 45 minutes of the movie was a bit of a surprise but the following journey was actually quite intriguing. After accidentally ending up in hell, beating death at so many different board games; they end up going to heaven. They come here to see if God can help them find a scientist who can build robot versions of themselves to fight the robot versions of themselves who killed them. They end up going to the “throne room of God” and explaining the situation in the most Bill and Ted manner, and all God says to them is “Station.” And hands them a disk.

They look at this big disk and go… Ok, God…. Catch you later. And go off to figure out what this disk is and who station is. The disc turns out to be a map to find Station. Station on the other hand is two creatures that are from another planet. They can join together into a really tall creature and the creature can help out Bill and Ted. Now. When you first see this creature called Station you are a little concerned. Maybe God didn’t understand what they wanted. Maybe he was confused by the Bill and Ted-ness of it all. But He supplied them with exactly who they needed to get the job done.

In Psalm 146:5-7 we see this passage

Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God,   who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them,  who keeps faith forever;   who executes justice for the oppressed,  who gives food to the hungry.  The Lord sets the prisoners free;

As Christians, we have times where we go to God and tell him what we want. And this is scriptural because God wants to know the desires of your heart, but sometimes the desires of our heart… What we think we want is not what we need. And God in his Amazing grace and goodness knows it’s better for us to potentially be a bit uncomfortable rather than get what we want and it be wrong.

Question of the week: what was something that you wanted… But God said no and then you got something even better?

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