Welcome to week one of our Most Excellent Month series! All month long, Dallas and Celeste are taking a look at the Bill and Ted series! This week, Dallas is taking a look at Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and talks about the impact just one person can have for generations!

This Week on Geek Devotions we begin our Most Excellent Month, by taking a look at Bill and Teds Most Excellent Adventure. All month long we will be looking at the Bill and Ted movies as well as the animated series.

Bill and Teds Most Excellent adventure focuses on… you guessed it… Bill and Ted, these 2 young men who by the worlds standards are nothing more than Bums, Losers, stereotypical 80’s beach dudes, who apparently later in life are going to change the world with their music. But there is something risking the future of man kind where they will change the world. An oral history test, that they are about to fail. So in order to save the future, a man comes to them, gives them a phone booth that travels through time so that they can pass their history test. They meet some most excellent people on this journey and end up passing their oral test.

Now this is a fun movie, that makes you laugh because it is just so dumb. But something really sticks out about it. These two dudes,who by all rights are, dumb, they’re losers, things that they get called during this movie and to be honest we have been called before, and yet, they are called to change the world. I was called, maybe some of you were called, to leave a lasting impact on the future. These two guys changed the world and brought lasting peace. Yet they never knew it themselves. One decision was all that stood between them and this destiny. Maybe you think you are a loser, or dumb. Never put stock in those things.You think that you could never change the world, but you never know when you are one decision away from changing the world.

There is a story in scriptures about a group called the Rechabites. Jeremiah came to them and God told them that the Lord wanted them to drink some wine. They told him… no. They said our ancestor Jonadab commanded us to not drink of the vine(drink wine). The prophet was blown away. There family member made a decision and because of this decision and their decision to adhere to it even after he was gone had a lasting effect. Now what is the lasting effect? They were given a promise from the Lord that someone from the lineage of Jonadab will stand before the Lord. Meaning that even today, someone who is related to Jonadab how ever many grand kids down, is standing before and serving the Lord. Jonadab did not know when he made that choice for his household that it would mean he had changed the world. But he did it anyway. You can also have that lasting effect. Your choices to follow God, and live in His righteousness today will effect future generations. You deciding today to not let evil overcome you and follow will effect other people, even those not in your family, and will encourage them to do things they may not have been able to do otherwise. If you had told us 10 years ago that we would have an online ministry Celeste and I both would not have known what to say. But we started this 4 years ago and we have been given the opportunity to impact so many lives. All because we chose several years ago to be intentional to let people know that they are loved. What small decision will you make today? You can change the world, You can make a difference, You are important. If you need prayer please reach out to us, we LOVE to pray with people. If you just need encouragement, a friendly ear to listen to whats going on in your life, we would love to hear from you.

Question of the Week: What is a moment in your past where someone said or did something that encouraged you for the better?

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