As we recover from our Thanksgiving Turkey Coma, our friends from Geeky Guys for God OC step in to bring you this week’s devotional. This week they take a look at two particular individuals who had a lot of similarities but responded in very different ways to Jesus. One is the Rich Young Ruler, and the other is Zacchaeus. What makes these two’s responses so different?

For this week’s devotional, Adam of Geeky Guys for God OC takes a look at two stories of two particular individuals. Both of these gentlemen are men who had influence, had some religious background, both were confronted with the truth of Jesus Christ. The difference between them is their response

First look at Luke 18:18-22 with the story of the “Rich Young Ruler.” He told Jesus that he has followed all the commandments of the law but wondered what else he had to do to go to heaven. Jesus’s response, “You still lack one thing. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” The scriptures tell us that he walked away sad. He was challenged by Jesus’ words and he walked away from them.

Now turn to the next page to Luke 19:1-9. Here we have a wealthy man named Zacchaeus who was not well loved by his community. Yet Jesus sat with him and talked with him. Out of this conversation he decided to give away half his money and give back what he had stolen from the people, but not just give back, give them 4 times what he took! But what was the difference between these two men?

The difference is that Zacchaeus’ heart was open and willing to submit to God. Its nothing to do with their wealth, status, etc., it had everything to do with their hearts. Where’s your heart? What would you give up to follow Jesus?

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