Is DC’s new streaming service, DC Universe, worth getting? Is the new DC Series Titans worth watching? Hear our thoughts today and leave comments letting us know your thoughts!

What do we like about the DC Universe?

We actually like quite a bit of the DC Universe Service. It currently contains quite a bit of the DC Animated Series and Animated Movies that many of us love, hate, and hate to love. With great titles like Batman: The Animated Series, Young Justice, Justice League, and Batman Beyond; they have started things off with a great selection.

Their DC Live Action, TV Series collection, is small but growing. They have some staple things such as the 1950’s Adventures of Superman (Dallas’ first Superman), Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, 1970’s Wonder Woman, and others. They even include things that we didn’t expect like the 1948 Superman serial! Of course, they also have their flagship series “Titans” coming out on a weekly basis, but is it worth it? We’ll talk about that later.

The movie side of things is a bit lackluster. While it had a plethora of animated movies (much of which we’ve enjoyed), they don’t have a lot of the live action films. They have all of the Reeve’s Superman films, the 1980’s Supergirl, and the 1974 Wonder Woman. We’re assuming the Tim Burton Batman movies and up are all stuck in some sort of copyright loop, but it’s still sad that they aren’t accessible on this app.

The comic book selection is “ok.” Maybe we are asking too much of them so soon in its release. Maybe we got spoiled by the Marvel Unlimited App. That said, they’ve been really persistent about dropping story arcs and series that are related to things coming out on TV. When Titans introduced Jason Todd, DC Universe put the infamous “Death in the Family” story arc. When CW released a teaser for Batwoman, DC Universe released the initial story arc for the newer Batwoman. So, for now, it looks like they are attempting to update it regularly.

What would we like to see Happen with the DC Universe?

Honestly, we’d want more of the comic book backlog. At least from the big 3, Batman – Superman – Wonder Woman. If not that then from what’s popular on TV and in Theaters. Currently Arrow and Flash dominate the TV sphere while Aquaman is about to have a massive tidal wave of fans in the theaters. It would be great for DC Universe to update their backlog on them!

Titans is it good?

Is Titans good, oh boy, that’s a big question. The short answer is yes. The why and if you should watch it? That’s a bit more complicated.  We’re gonna recommend to the episode above to get more of an explanation. That said after the series is over, we do intend on doing a longer more detailed review. We would say that if you had issues with violence and language that this is not for you. If this were a movie it’s a light R. Meaning there are enough violence and language to get the R rating, but it’s not as excessive as what early reports led you to believe, and the sexual content is near non-existent which we appreciate. Honestly, we’ve seen more sexual content on TV than in this series.

What are your thoughts on DC Universe App and Titans? Do you like them? Are they worth the price tag to you? Let us know!

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