For this week’s Extra Tuesday we did a Morning Geek Commute where we gave our respects to the legendary Stan Lee who passed away this past week. We also spend some time discussing how Social Media Influencers can survive if Facebook suddenly goes away.

At the front end of this article version of our Extra Tuesday, we want to pay our respects to Stan Lee and the legacy he has left behind.We are in prayer for his family and also for the millions of fans who have been impacted by his time on earth. We will be doing a formal post blog post about Stan Lee soon.

Let’s talk about Facebook. Earlier this week the social media giant was down for a bit of time. Globally people were coming up with this graphic when they tried to log on.

This, of course, sent several major corporations into a panic because for a short time; they had no connection with those they were connected to. You may remember a similar thing happened to YouTube a few weeks ago. So what do we do? how do you avoid this panic? First, we’d recommend that you check out our YouTube Down article. Many of the tips given in that article will apply in this instance.

The major thing we’d recommend is to create an email database. Email – surprisingly – is not dead. It’s all in how you use it. Don’t spam people, don’t make the email 30 pages long. Keep your communications short, sweet, and direct and then let your audience follow a singular call to action that leads them to a place on your website that has more content.

One great resource is MailChimp. It’s a great free service for those just getting off the ground and has a variety of fantastic pay options for when you start to grow. In fact, if you’d like to subscribe to our email list click the following link: 

Point is this… don’t freak out if your favourite social media platform goes down. Adjust and diversitize the way you connect with your audience. 

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