This week, Celeste springboards off of her podcast appearance on Retro Rewind Podcast where she talked about Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The scene where King Triton does everything he could to find his daughter really struck Celeste and reminded her of our Heavenly Father. Did you know that God chases after you?

This past week’s episode of Retro Rewind Podcast, Celeste had the awesome opportunity to review one of her favourite Disney movies “The Little Mermaid”! Which is what we are going to talk about today!

In the little mermaid, we see Ariel leave her family under the sea to chase after life on land with Prince Eric. Here’s one of the major problems with this. She didn’t tell her dad what was happening because he would have said no. So about one day into this adventure, there is a scene where a worried Triton is talking to one of his servant seahorses. The seashore says that they have searched everywhere for her and there is no trace of the princess. Triton tells the seahorse that every corner of every coral bed needs to be explored. No rock shall be left unturned until she is found.

This made Celeste think of the Heavenly Father’s love for us. Specifically, it made her think of Matthew 18:12:

“What do you think? If a certain man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray, won’t he leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and go looking for the one that is straying?”
Matthew 18:12 TLV

Now obviously when you first read the scripture, you think that it’s talking about the lost, those outside of Christ. The people who don’t know Jesus or don’t want to know Jesus. And to an extent it is, but the sheep were already with the Shepard in this verse.

Sometimes as Christian’s, we can be rebellious and decide that we don’t need God’s plan for our life anymore. Maybe following God’s will means giving up something you love or being around someone you dislike. It could even be the things God is telling you not to do, appear to be so much better. God loves you so much that he will pursue you high and low, search every sea, till you return to Him.

If you’ve found yourself in a place where you realize that you’ve “swum” away from the will of the Father; turn back. Call you Pastor up and let them know what you’ve been struggling with, allow them to help you to grow.

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