Welcome to the first devotion for Anime April here at Geek Devotions. This week, special guest Christi of The Healing Place School of Ministry takes a look at the 2009 Astro Boy! Christi takes a look at the relationship between Toby and his father Dr. Tenma.

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Astro boy movie 2009

All Toby wanted was his father’s love and affirmation, to know that his dad loves him. He almost felt like he had to prove himself. In his zeal he ended up tragically ending his life. This of course is the catalyst that leads his father Dr. Tenma to remake Toby into Astro Boy. Sadly, even though this great undertaking had happened, there was still no real connection between father and son.

At the end of the movie Dr. Tenma is forced to remove the special material that makes Astor Boy work.  In the midst of the process he looks at his robotic son and realizes this is still the son that he loves and cares for. With a renewed passion to protect his son, Tenma defies his leaders and fights back alongside his son, Astro Boy/Toby.


This plot line reminded our guest Christi of the story of the Prodigal son found in Luke 15. In this episode she specifically read Luke 15:11-24. In the story of the prodigal son, the son was far from his Father. Not just physically but spiritually. The connection between father and son was completely lost.  Through a series of events he realized that he needed to go back to his father.

This is where something truly amazing happens. When the father sees his son in the distance, he comes running towards his son. He embraces him and restores him as if nothing had happened.

In life, if you’ve found that you’ve lost connection with the true Father, God in heaven, we want you to know that the connection can be restored. Like the father in the story, as soon as Father God sees you moving towards Him, He’ll come running towards you, embrace you, and restore you. Why does He do this? He does it because He loves you.

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