On this week’s episode of Comm Talk, Amy Hollis of Believers Worship Center joins us for a conversation about what it’s like to be the mom of a geek!

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0:50 Introduction of Amy Hollis
1:30 The need for a parent to take interest in a Child’s interest
5:35 Amy’s insight into her son’s geekiness
9:45 Dealing with Stereotypes

17:58 Commercial – Social Media Marketing and Training – If you’re in need of help setting up your online presence for your business or ministry please contact Dallas at geekdevotions@gmail.com

18:58 What are we Geeking out About
28:15 How to connect with Amy and Believers Worship Center
Find out more about Amy and Believers Worship Center by visiting their Facebook Page!! https://www.facebook.com/believersworship

Visit Believer’s Worship Center at 6068 LA-3, Benton, LA 71006

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