This week on Geek Devotions, special guest Amy Hollis of Believers Worship Center continues Women of Geekdom Month with a discussion on Mrs. Incredible! What does it mean to be an incredible wife/mother/woman? Find out today! See her notes/manuscript below the video!

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Amy’s Notes:

I am so excited that I got asked to speak for Women’s Month (? What are they calling it). When I prayed about what I wanted to talk about.  At first  I thought wonder woman… I loved that movie… she was so cool… But what was really tugging at my heart was a strong confident wife that loved her husband….

Where can you find one of those these days…An Excellent wife who can find?

So I messaged the Celeste… Is this a stupid idea… Is it too corney….

My thought was, what about Mrs. Incredible? from the Disney Movie the Incredibles of course. The best part about it was that I had no idea that there was a new movie coming out.. My youngest son informed me. Perfect timing

They were cutest little super couple there ever was. Elasta Girl and Mr. Incredible, Both strong confident and successful. She had her calling, he had his, and together they would save the world.

It was really hard to find a movie with a strong committed married couple. You may be looking around you thinking, it’s hard to find that in real life too. We see all the fairy tales that lead up to the wedding. But I love that this story starts at the wedding.

She looks into his eyes at the wedding: “As long as we both shall live, No matter what happens”….

He looks into hers: “Come On we’re Super hero’s.. What could happen..”

And just like in real life here come the job issues, house issues, car issues… life gets crazy with the kids running around every where… And all the sudden your cute little fairy tale image of what life was


But just like in the movie too there is a really enemy that’s out to take out the family as whole…


Dash: “you mean the bad guy is trying to wreck Mom and Dad’s Marriage”

I say exactly!

On TV and in our culture there has been a massive assault on men, loving wives, and the family as a whole. I’m all for girl power, but I don’t think that means we have to squash the boys. As a mom of 3 boys, this hurts my heart. I’m not naive to think that no man ever did anything wrong. But there are good men out there and I think it shows a lot less strength to put someone else down than it does to build them up. So what if there was a strong woman out there who on purpose build’s her husband up?

I met someone who really thought Christian wives were made to be treated as door mats. The enemy takes what God says and twists it, and then people in their selfishness buy into it. People twisting the wives submit to your husband scripture. Leading warped and twisted view of what marriage was meant to be. The whole shut up woman and go make me a sandwich mentality. If you step back for a second you can completely see where the enemy is twisting God’s word and perverting it, to destroy the family.

Why do they stop at that scripture and then gloss over the submit one to another part. Husbands love your wives like Christ loved the church. Sacrificial and selfless love. Jesus served, washed feet, fed the hungry, cared, and ultimately gave his own life for the church. He’s saying husbands, be like that. Beautiful sacrificial love. And wives submit to your husbands.

You have the Power:

God placed in a man’s heart a need for honor, and when you lift him up to that place, it is opening up his ability to be all God has created him to be. God has placed in a woman’s heart a need for love. We are designed to meet each other’s needs. Adam was put into a deep sleep the rib was taken from his side and out of it God created Eve… Part of him is missing and that part of him is you… You have an amazing super power, if you will,  that he needs…You hold the key to his heart, and his self-image,  with your ability to honor him.

Remember this enemy that you have is not just after you. He wants to destroy your whole family and the generations to come.

So what can we do ladies…. Since it’s Ladies Month….

Show your husband that you love him. If you think something good about him, say it… You may be waiting for him to do something worth honoring, don’t wait. Start calling it out in him.

There is a scripture in Proverbs 31 that gives us attributes of what a good wife, I’m still working on this. I’m not standing here because I’ve got this all down. But we’re working it. My wonderful husband got us a 31 day challenge and we are going to pursue one another. He takes me to an XO marriage conference by Jimmy and Karen Evans every year. You may be thinking my husband would never do that… Well he’s got YouTube videos too. Watch them.

Final Things to Remember

  1. Don’t give up
  2. Find really good teaching
  3. Build him up- if you think something nice, say it!
  4. Love fiercely like in 1 Corinthians 13
  5. Value his opinion and lift him up to a place of leadership.

Because as team we are unstoppable… Or Dare I say INCREDIBLE