This past Tuesday we didn’t necessarily have an Extra Tuesday episode.  That said, Dallas did have the opportunity to guest host the Christian News Show by Cody Armour. Check out the episode below. Complete show notes are under the episode.

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‘The View’ star Joy Behar mocks Mike Pence’s Christian faith: ‘That’s called mental illness’.

She is quoted saying “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness if I’m not correct.” (click here to see the video) This was part of a bigger conversation about faith and politics but this particular comment really stuck out to Dallas.

This is a show that claims to be about respect for all people, yet even those on the show who profess to be Christians were jumping on the bandwagon of downing Mike Pence.  For Dallas it really hurt to see both people of faith being mocked and those who profess Christianity to not defend others of faith.

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Americans United for Separation of Church and State vs. Bossier Parish School Board

In the second story of the Dallas addresses something happening pretty close to home. Americans United for Separation of Church and State has filed a federal lawsuit in an attempt to stop the “widespread unconstitutional promotion of Christianity throughout Bossier Parish, La public schools.” The lawsuit is being filled for 4 parents who wish to remain anonymous.

You’d have to read the entire law suit to see all the accusations and requests. That said, Dallas states in his episode that there are somethings that are legitimate issues and somethings that seem a bit “sketchy” to him. Among many concerns that Dallas had, one was based around the concept of a church being a venue for a school function.

Many public schools in the area do not have the facilities to be able to do major events such as kindergarten graduation or other award ceremonies where large numbers of families and friends come to celebrate. As a result many schools use space provided to them by near by churches, many times at little to absolutely not cost to the school system.  The lawsuit states that they feel this in appropriate and that NO event at all should ever be held at any religious institution.

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Half-pipes and Prayer

In the final story of the day, Dallas references an article by Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They recently wrote a great article about Olympic Snow Boarder Kelly Clark and her journey of coming to faith in Jesus Christ. What really stuck out to Dallas was her friend Natalie McLeod. One year prior to Kelly’s salvation, Natalie had committed to praying for her friend and even wrote Kelly’s name down in her Bible to help her to remember to pray for her.

This is an amazing story and really challenged Dallas to make a list of specific people he’d like to see saved and commit to praying for them on a regular basis. In fact Dallas even ended the episode by challenging the viewers to do the same.