Today on Comm Talk we talk about how we are passing Geek Devotions onto someone else. We talk about what it will look like and what it means for the future.

Now we  promise, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. In all actuality, what is happening is we have been given the opportunity to take on the 2nd year students of The Healing Place School of Ministry and teach them about what we do here.  In the month of April they will be taking over our channel for what we are calling “Anime April.”  Last year the School of Ministry took over our channel and did “May Movie Madness!”

This episode is actually more about us talking through what it’s like to hand over something you’ve worked hard to build and make and trust those you’ve given it too. The real trick to it is changing your mindset. Many see ministries, jobs, etc that they have started and built up as “their own thing,” but reality is that they are the Lord’s thing. So the appropriate mindset is that we are stewards of something that belongs to God.

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