United In Our Common Interest some Independence Day Thoughts

We are living in a time frame where the church is highly divided. We’ve allowed petty non-salvation essential doctrinal beliefs to divide us. We’ve allowed those differences to drive a wedge so large that the world looks at the church and ask “Why should we follow the Christ that they preach?” They ask because our bickering and self-righteous behavior tells them that our savior is not as full of grace as we claim.

MD – What does it take to help people?

In Howls Moving Castle we see Sophie trying desperately to help Howl with his curse. However, until she was able to help herself with her own curse she was unable to help Howl with his. Often we need to make it through the tough things so that we can share it with others and help them through theirs. Sometime helping them is just reminding them that getting past the issue is possible.

MD – Don’t Give Up

In Godzilla 2014, after his fight with the MUTOs Godzilla lies out exhausted. Handling an issue that has gotten out control had completely wiped him out. In the same way, when we allow issues in our lives to get out of hand, it becomes exhaustive work to bring correction. There are times where you may … Continue reading MD – Don’t Give Up