MD – Don’t Allow Small Things to Get Big

In the 1998 film, Godzilla, we are left with the knowledge of a lone egg having survived the explosion of Madison Square Garden. On the surface ignoring something so small in light of the massive amount of other eggs or the size of Godzilla may seem like nothing, but remember small things grow. A small … Continue reading MD – Don’t Allow Small Things to Get Big

MD – Dealing with Different Perspectives

In 1954's Gojira, you had two opposing perspectives on Godzilla. Some thought he was something to be feared and should be killed, others wanted to keep him alive and study him. In life we will encounter people who see the same things as we do and because of their perspective take different actions. Is their … Continue reading MD – Dealing with Different Perspectives

MD – Arrow and Accountability

Accountability is a big deal in Christian circles, but are we truly accountable to the people we say we are? Friday Celeste brought up Felicity and Oliver's relationship. Oliver is accountable to Felicity but felicity has rejected any right that Oliver had to tell her she was going to far. Do we accept our friends … Continue reading MD – Arrow and Accountability