AC Peckham

Hey geeks! For this PRM review, I’m excited to share with you something you might not have encountered before. Having explored several genres, CieMie is an experimental Christian artist constantly searching for new ways to praise God. With his debut solo album, “We Love You Ciemie,” he experiments with a style he calls “Ciemiecore.” 

You might recognize Ciemie as one of the artists involved in “Young Pop Renegades Vol. 2” which I previously reviewed. He made an impression as part of a team of talented Christian artists. In his debut solo album, however, he takes center stage. He wrote and produced each song on this album himself, showcasing his diverse skillset as a performer, writer, and producer. When he dedicates this album to God in the opening track, the listener can rest assured this is a dedication of blood, sweat, and tears. 

CieMie creatively weaves together elements from a handful of genres, such as Hyperpop, Glitchcore, and EDM, to create a sound all his own. This blend of musical styles allows each song to stand out as something unique. Featuring some familiar artists such as Ben Lawrence, whom CieMie collaborated with for YPR2, and other artists such as Yamilex with unique styles, each artist adds even more flavor to an already well-seasoned album. 

Ciemie shows great technical skill in producing and mixing all of the music on this album. The production quality is quite consistent throughout this project. The “glitchy” tone adds a certain dissonance to the music, which feels a little distracting in some spots, while in others, it adds incredible layers to the melody. It is certainly a unique sound that some will love while others may not. The vocal mixing throughout is very well done, flowing smoothly and clearly over entrancing instrumentals. 

Thematically, this album touches on personal topics of love and life. The themes seem fairly common, but Ciemie presents them with a consistently bright and upbeat energy. Songs such as “When The Sun Goes Down,” “Paris,” and “Journal #5” feel like something you might hear on mainstream pop radio, though with a much more positive and family-friendly message than such mainstream music often contains.  

Overall, I give this album 4/5 Green Power Rangers. CieMie put in some impressive work, but he has room to grow as young as he is. Between his work on YPR2 and this album, he has set a solid foundation for his musical career. I, for one, am quite excited to see where this prodigy goes from here. 

Favorite track: When The Sun Goes Down (feat. Yamilex)