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I couldn’t decide which artist to review next. So instead, I decided to review thirteen at once. Lucky for me, Young Pop Renegades vol. 2 presents exactly that, featuring Ben Lawrence, Ciemie, GLADDEN, Ike Smith, Jsteph, Jacob Stanifer, Logan Martin, Matias Ruiz, Matthew Parker, Mykyl, Nitro X, Sam Bowman, and Xander Sallows all on one album. This collaborative project showcases the combined talents of over a dozen Christian musicians across eleven songs ranging from Pop to EDM to Hyperpop.

The opening track, Chaotic Neutral, perfectly sets the tone with its bouncy, electronic sound and carefree tone. Gradually rising to an anthemic close, this song declares that they’re just here to vibe no matter what chaos comes.

 Each song carries the same bouncy vibe with its own unique, catchy tune. Ranging in themes from love and heartbreak, joy and stress, the overwhelming weight of existence, and the desire to simply take a break from it all to enjoy the simple things in life, you’re sure to find something relatable within this musical slice of life.

It is difficult to find something wrong with this album. Every song is catchy, and the production quality is on point. With all thirteen artists playing a primary role in the creation process, they worked very well together to ensure a seamless mix of their various styles. These gentlemen brought the very best out of one another. Such a collaborative process may be a good illustration of how we, as Christians, can encourage and support one another to strive to be the best we can be.

Overall I give this album 5/5 Bowmen on the Roof.

Favorite track: Chaotic Neutral (by Matthew Parker, Sam Bowman, and Ciemie)


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