In 2018’s Mortal Engines, Heather Shaw (played by Hera Hilmar) had to make a choice. Choose to give up and surrender to a mundane life or chose to truly live. Christians across the globe have a choice they have to make. Choose to shut themselves in and not grow in their faith, or truly live a life surrendered to the Lord.

Written Devotion

In Mortal Engines, we see a dystopian world where countries are mobile. These cities roam the countryside in this world, and some, like England, are more aggressive as they devour other cities to absorb their resources. The movie follows a young lady whose mysterious past is revealed to us throughout the film. She was raised by a being who had little to no emotions, her mother was dead, and her father was looking to kill her. However, at one point in the movie, after several times expressing the desire to “not feel” like her adoptive father, she tells her dad that she wants to live. Today on Geek Devotions, we were talking about that choice. 

In Mortal Engines, we see Hester decide to live for more than revenge. She wants to truly live a full life. We as people have to make that choice as well. You have the option to go through life “comfortably numb,” as Pink Floyd put it. We can move through our days, striving not to feel, connect, or truly live. And even as believers, we have that option. Christians can coast through life and not fully engage in everything God has for them.

But there is an alternative. 

We have the choice to go through the motions or to live as Christ, to strive to be better instead of content and stagnate purposely. In scripture, we see Paul encouraging us to “press on to the goal,” but what is not explicitly stated is this… you have to choose that. You have to choose life and life abundantly.  Choose to live fully through Christ.