“In 2071, a crew of bounty hunters, known as Cowboys, travel the solar system in search of outlaws on their reliable ship, Bebop. Spike has a past full of violence he can never escape. Jet was a cop who lost faith in the system. Faye is a renegade who trusts nobody. Together they hunt for bounty and adventure, all the while searching for the one thing that connects them all – somewhere they belong. In this jam-packed tale of hijinks and mayhem, the crew are on the hunt for a bounty called Melville, an ex-syndicate member who possesses a vest that grants the user unlimited luck! A prize as deadly as it is dazzling – how can they resist?”

-Amazon Description

This graphic novel hits all the right feels for a Cowboy Bebop story. The pacing, the humor, the ending, everything is on point. The only thing missing would be the music that made the original anime perfect.  The story is a melancholy, lumberingly paced thing. I struggled to keep interested in the overall story even though it was well written. I found myself not caring about this story. Now, had it been in an anime format, I would have loved it. Perhaps it was the lack of music to help set the mood of the scenes, or maybe it was because this graphic novel is based on the Netflix live-action rather than the anime, but for whatever reason, I found myself disenchanted with the book as a whole. It was a good story, and I know people who would love it; it was just not my personal favorite. It left me wanting to re-watch the anime rather than wanting more of this book. 

The art was beautiful and very stylistic. The lettering could have been a bit larger, though, because I often had to zoom into the word bubbles to read. This might be different in a physical copy. 

The last few pages were probably my favorite out of the whole book, and it is because it deals with Ein. Ein is forever my favorite character in this whole franchise. 

Although I was dissatisfied with it, the book was good; we here give Cowboy Bebop: Supernova a 3.5 out of 5.

The graphic novel will be available on 11-16-2022