Celeste Mora

Author R.E. Henderson reached out to us to offer his books for review, and we took him up. 

Expect the Unexpected is a “Jesus Freak” style book sharing testimonies that may or may not be true stories. However, there are several intriguing stories within the book. 

This book had no course language, unless you count booty as a course word, no cursing, and was ultimately very clean. Sadly that is one of the only things I can say in favor of this book. However, there were several grammatical errors and poor word choices. In addition, the sentence structure sometimes sounded as if it were from someone whose English is not their first language. Finally, while the characters themselves had been of different nationalities, this could have been explained, but this did not seem to be the case. Having an editor go over the manuscript could have fixed some of these things. However, the general writing style switched between the narration of an unknown person and first-person, sometimes within the same sentence, which was confusing and left you unsure of what you had just read. 

While one or two could have been quite interesting, the stories themselves came across as preachy, using terms that outside of the church world would be unknown as “Christianese.” They fell into the trap of attempting to share the gospel so hard that they glaze over things that would have been more engaging to the reader. 

Overall the book “Expect the Unexpected” was predictable and not very well done. R.E.Henderson seems like a lovely person who truly desires to follow God’s heart; that much is evident in our communications with him and his writing. Unfortunately, it was not as good as it could have been. If Mr.Henderson ever releases another version of this book that has fixed some of the issues, we would love to reconsider our rating, but for now, here at Geek Devotions, we give Expect the Unexpected one out of five Glix.