Title: Thistle
Author: Cathy Greco

Per Amazon: Thistle has never been special, but that doesn’t mean she’s worthless… does it?

Thistle is a fairy, but the world she lives in is anything but magical. She’s an Unwanted, useful only for serving her superiors, and the only two people who ever cared about her will soon be gone for good, drawn away by their own higher destinies.

Desperate not to lose them and eager to prove she’s worth more than what society sees, Thistle sets off a chain of events that leads her and her friends into a dangerous confrontation with the mechanical world of Man.

What happens will change them all forever… if they manage to survive.

Our Thoughts

Thistle is a book that speaks to those who feel like they do not fit in. Thistle herself is a very relatable character, who makes mistakes, but she learns from them. She loves her friends, and her personality draws you to like her. There is a bit of a romance between her and Thatch, and while it is a sweet romance, it did feel just a bit quick and a bit predictable. Probably not for Thatch, but most definitely for the reader. I would have loved it to be more fleshed out or even a chapter or two told from Thatch’s perspective. 

The world of the fairies is highly intriguing, and it feels like there is more to this world to explore. The book honestly felt like it was a prequel to a series already out. Like the books that have already established the world, we are getting the origins, the back story. 

Overall, the story is very sweet; it gave me Fern Gully vibes as I read it. It’s what I would term a light read, but it was delightful, and I would love to one day return to the world of THISTLE and see what has happened to Thistle, Thatch, Ildray, Saris, and Fern. 


This book has some intense scenes and descriptions, but overall, it has no cursing and no sexual scenes and would be perfect for young readers to read if they are interested in the world of Faries. It deals with themes of Loneliness, abandonment, as well as rejection of family and others. 

Our Rating

Overall, we at Geek Devotions give THISTLE a 4 out of 5 Glix. This story was highly enjoyable and would be perfect for someone’s first dip into a fantasy world.